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It's A Crying Shame,  But Vacation Is Over!!



When the reviews are bad I tell my staff that they can join me as I cry all the way to the bank.


Have you ever been talked about negatively when you did the right thing? Especially when you did it well? While bad reviews from others can be for poor performance, many times it is the jealousy of the reviewer that is talking.

Take a look first at the reason for what is being said. What is their motive? Even those who have no inclination to compete with you may have a selfish reason they want you to fail.

Ann Patchett

Praise and criticism seem to me to operate exactly on the same level. If you get a great review, it’s really thrilling for about ten minutes. If you get a bad review, it’s really crushing for ten minutes. Either way, you go on.

How do you react to criticism? Is it so devastating you mope around for weeks? It’s not possible everyone will like everything you do all the time. Even you won’t like everything you do, that is, if you are honest with yourself. Take the line that even mean spirited criticisms may have some grain of truth that you can learn a lesson from. Don’t let it wound you so deeply you retreat inside and stop doing the things you do best.

You are better than you think you are. You are a certainly better than grouchy people say you are. I suspect that, deep inside, those grouchy people are a little bit jealous of you! Be successful anyway, and take it to the bank!

The Liberace Foundation for the Creative & Performing Arts