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It's time for skeletons in your closet to DANCE!

Time to Dance!


George Bernard Shaw

“If you can’t get rid of the skeleton in your closet, you’d best teach it to dance.”

Did you ever do something you were really ashamed of? Of course, we all have. Sometimes I will remember a moment of some public faux pas I committed in childhood, and get embarrassed all over again. Like that time in the 1st grade I was adamant that my middle name started with a C, not with a K like the girl in the next desk was saying. When she was proven right, I was mortified. I didn’t even know how to spell my own name.

These moments are in all of us, but even if something was a life changing event for ourselves, it is likely that no one else remembers. While they won’t constitute a negative for others in their relations with you, they have the potential to become a positive experience for your personal development.

As embarrassing as “the great name misspelling incident” was, it was also a positive, life forming moment. I vowed never to be caught in public again not knowing how to spell something. It started a life long romance with reading that has always served me well. I have actually fallen from this lofty standard on occasion, but rarely. But hey,  This skeleton dances.

The new year always conjures up visions of renewal and fresh starts. Sounds like a good idea. Try not to get bogged down in the enormity of how big that skeleton is. As I said before, others can’t see your skeleton. They are too busy hiding behind their own.

You may ask, “but what am I supposed to do if my skeleton is so big it is in the way of living my life?” There are things like prison terms, public displays of drunken behavior, and other things that were so public and memorable that others look at them and say, “I am really glad I didn’t do something like that!” These things are really a challenge, I admit, but it’s time to let those bones rattle and shake as you move out from behind them. If everyone knows anyway, why hide it? Hiding means you are so ashamed you can’t show your face. It’s time to own up to it.

If you are a writer, write a blog or book about the lessons you learned from the experience. The more you acknowledge and deal with things that were very public to start with, the more others will begin to understand and take you seriously. It becomes clear that you are reformed and ready to get on with life. Publish a Kindle book and you may help a LOT of people and make a buck too!

Another thing, since everyone else has idle skeletons in their own closets, things they fear will be disclosed, you can be an example to others of how to deal with them. Your experiences will encourage others to leave their “bare bones existence” and live again.

It’s time for the skeletons in your life to dance. Eventually, the skeletons will cease to be, and you will have room for some new clothes and shoes in there.