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Angela Davis

Biography.com lists her as an Academic, Women’s Rights Activist, Scholar, and Civil Rights Activist. Her quote:

“We have to talk about liberating minds as well as liberating society.”

From Dictionary.com the definition of
Liberate- to set free, as from imprisonment or bondage. 
Angela Davis has spent her life advocating changes in our society. Over the decades we have seen massive shifts in our culture, and every person you talk to would have their own opinions about how good or bad these changes are.

Isn’t that as it should be? We know how society has been evolving, but how do you liberate a mind?

Most of us, being quite human, will define a liberated mind as one who has been purged of all the things we each think are incorrect or wrong. That’s not liberation, that is mere conformity.

Conformity is what we’ve taught since childhood. That is the magic way we get along and prosper in this society. Follow the rules and everything will be happy and bright. No rebellion, no dissent, nobody ever makes waves and life is so well regulated and controlled. Ahhhh!

But wait, who is going to decide what “normal” is? The government? The church? Atheists? Democrats? Republicans? Libertarians? Hey, while we are at it, let the Anarchists have a shot at it! Well, so much for letting any one group decide what standard we should conform to.

We obviously need the rule of law, since many human beings like to do various shades of bad things to each other, and law is needed to keep this in check. Law in this country slowly evolves as the society makes new decisions about what is right and what is wrong.

If you are going to live with other humans, then some conformity is necessary, but in this environment, how can we free our minds? I submit, that it is only by our own choice.

That comes back to the programming we received growing up. There were a lot of wonderful lessons, and yes, prejudices learned as we were being raised. Most of who we are is tied into the combination of our personality and the environmental forces we adapted to as children.

Have you adapted so well to your teaching that you have become a robot, or have you actually evaluated your beliefs and motivations, freeing your mind to analyze and make value judgments on your own terms?

Now don’t try to discard everything. I would say that most of what you learned is quite wholesome and gives you a good foundation for a great life. But let’s revisit the aforementioned prejudices.

Dictionary.com again: Prejudice is defined as: “an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason.”

It’s time to do an evaluation of the preconceived notions we bring to the table in our life choices. Spend a little time to ponder how right or wrong your little prejudices are, and you will be liberating your mind, one fallacy at a time.

This sounds quite revolutionary, but as an adult, it’s about time you began to think for yourself.
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