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You Just Smiled! Admit it!!


Halle Berry

“Humor is always part of the best hours in life.”

Think about the good old days. Have you ever wondered why the old days always seem to be so good?

I can think of some very interesting times in our past when a lot of bad things were happening. Caring for my wife’s parents before they passed away, early financial hardships, the deaths of close friends who we felt were too young. All these are obviously bad times of life, but what do we remember most vividly?

The good times. Those memories are what we cherish about those people and good times we had doing simple, happy things while financially able to afford little else. Our memory over the years sorts out and prioritizes the good and happy hours, while pushing unpleasant things to the background. This is much more manageable and we can be happier day to day because of it.

What would happen though, if you had no happiness to apply to the process of your mind creating your “good old days” memory set? If everything you had was bad and unhappy, I suppose you would end up with the “bad old days” instead. I don’t think I would like that very well.

It appears that if we make an effort right now to spend more happy, fun times with family and friends, and extend it into the future, our “good old days” would grow into some wonderful long term memories indeed.

Another consideration is the actual, documented health benefits of humor on our everyday wellbeing. A website called holisticonline.com had a great article by Paul E. McGhee, PhD on “Humor and Health“. It explains how humor contributes to health with muscle relaxation, reduction of stress hormones, and immune system enhancement.

According to Proverbs 17:22 in the King James Version of the Bible:
A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.

Fix your spirit with humor! I don’t think you want to be the one with dry bones!

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