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Joan Crawford

“Love is fire. But whether it is going to warm your hearth or burn down your house, you can never tell.”

Do you have love in your life? Have you experienced true love? One of the misconceptions about love today, is that most people just think that love = sex. Our media promotes this idea even in our children’s shows. While sex certainly is part of many loving relationships, let’s take a look at actual love. One time a guy asked me if he should marry a girl he had been dating for a while, and I asked him,

“If you were married for a year or so, and she had a horrible, disfiguring accident so that you could never have sex with her again for the rest of your lives, would you stay with her?”
After an initial shock, he suddenly looked quite confident and said, “Yes I would!” My reply was, “Marry her!”

Ms. Crawford was right that love and fire share many similarities. Fire behaves itself based on how we prepare for its use. We use it every day under controlled conditions to cook food, to warm our houses and even in the internal combustion engines that make our automobiles go. A good relationship has the same steady, controlled burn. The passion is measured and works effectively to make a great and warm environment for the entire family.

That same passion can flame into an amazingly destructive force when allowed to burn out of control. The much publicized divorce trials of celebrities always give an insight into how sensational selfish behavior can be. Further fuel is added to the flames by tabloids and other celebrity friends who enjoy seeing the fight, and getting their names involved for their own selfish purposes.
We all have the capacity for great love inside of us. Will your love be a force for caring and nurturing others, or will you scorch the earth around you with your selfish passion, no matter what grief you cause others?

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