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Spectre of the GunGeneral George S. Patton

“If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.”

The best decisions are made when people who disagree come to a consensus of what is best. Notice I didn’t say compromise. Compromise means that you don’t fully agree with the solution, but you are willing to give up some elements of your idea under pressure. Consensus means after the pressure cooker session is finished, ALL agree that THIS is the absolute BEST idea.

The interchange and challenge of ideas has been always been the best caldron for THE IDEA, the ultimate best idea for the situation at hand.

Most people can’t work with others well enough, (checking their ego at the door) to admit that an element of thought from a coworker is better than yours and should be incorporated in the final plan.

Everyone you meet has many different experiences and knows things you don’t. This is also true of yourself in relation to them. The buzzword today is Diversity. I have heard that a lot, but all that was said was to embrace how different we all are. Sound good, but it sounds more like just tolerating others, than any real way to accomplish something.

Hey, why not take it to the next level. Being diverse is quite obvious. How about talking how different gears mesh into one another and make the larger machine go? The actual STRENGTH is that the opposites can work together to make the best possible outcome when we are willing to listen with a common goal and work toward it.

Driven by media, our society is focused on competition and conquering the next person who looks you in the eye. Voting you off the island, kicking you to the curb, and all the other slang invented is about the domination of every person you meet.

The company or organization who does the best is the one who yes, has a leader, but has a leader who is willing to attract and promote teams of people who can work together in this fashion.

Adolf Hitler was a great example of a man who did the opposite. He surrounded himself only with those who worshiped and feared him. The vast majority were less intelligent than himself so he could dominate them and his ego could be satisfied. When push came to shove, and his decisions got more erratic, no one was in a position to advise or even discuss the future of the state, and everybody knows what horrible crimes against humanity were committed. He eventually ran the entire enterprise into the ground with tremendous loss of life on both sides. He was the ultimate micro manager.

Let’s work more for consensus. Everyone, even those you know disagree with you, have a valuable contribution to the ultimate goal. If you want to be tough, if you want to succeed, stand strong and be willing to look at competing ideas square in the face, and give them fair consideration. Don’t be a wimp!