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Dominoes In Motion

Charles Shaughnessy, Actor, best known for his work in the TV shows The Nanny and General Hospital.

Personal Quote:
“Susan is my greatest inspiration. She has more integrity than anyone I know and integrity is more important than anything for a happy and successful life.”

When asked for his greatest inspiration, Charles Shaughnessy pointed to his wife, Susan. How many people do you know in this day and time who would actually point to their spouse in public and say how great they are? Except as a political cause, marriage has taken quite a hit in importance over the last few decades, mainly because the divorce rate has made a mockery of it as an institution. The evidence that marriage has been so great is because most people have at least 2 or 3 of them in their lifetime.

While Mr. Shaughnessy is known in public blogging to call down death, destruction, pestilence or in the very least imprisonment on all who disagree with him politically, it is commendable that the tenderness with which he regards his marriage relationship is just as intense as his political fervor.
In addition to this, the trait he values and praises most highly in her is integrity. We are talking about truthfulness, moral and ethical principles, and honesty. He declares she has more integrity than anyone else he knows, and that integrity is the most important ingredient to insure happiness and success in this life.

Have you ever been lied to? Of course you have. Most of us have a boss who would trade our well-being for a chance to look ever so slightly better in the eyes of their superiors. Bosses by reputation rank right up there with lawyers and politicians as being the most blatant liars on the planet. How do you treat someone who is likely to lie to you? You aren’t apt to trust them often are you?

Another interesting thing is that a person can be trustworthy all their lives and then a single incident of lying at your expense is enough for you to never trust them again. On the other side, if a person is known as a chronic liar, a single selfless act of telling the truth is not enough to help that reputation. It could take years of integrity to repair. It may not be possible at all.

Profound integrity is not only praiseworthy, it is absolutely essential for personal relationships to flourish, thus Mr. Shaughnessy’s mention of happiness, and also for the success that we all seek.
Success takes many forms, but most people think of economic or financial success. How many people will continue to deal with you if you don’t live up to agreements and contracts you have entered into? Legal trouble or in the very least, loss of the business relationships leading to financial reverses can result.

These principles not only apply to the business owner, but also those of us who work for that aforementioned “demon boss”. Somehow many feel that it is OK to slack on the job or even not work at all while on the clock because the moral shortcomings of our superiors license us to not use integrity in dealing with the company that boss works for. Is it right to be dishonest just because someone, anyone else is dishonest?

In researching this topic I came across the award winning website, values.com. Check it out. They have wonderful information and quotes from many on the subject of integrity and personal honesty while dealing with all you encounter in this life.

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